From The Archives: “extras” at the filming of 42 in Chattanooga

Ten years ago this week, people flocked to Engel Stadium to be in a movie

42 Photos00000028CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Ten years ago this week, hundreds of Chattanoogans came out to watch actor Chadwick Boseman do his thing.

But they also hoped to get into his movie.

On May 25, 2012, the movie “42” came to Chattanooga’s Engel Stadium to shoot some scenes from the life of Jackie Robinson.

And there was an open call for extras.

You just had to come dressed in period clothes and be a spectator at our local, vintage baseball park.

Our Amy Katcher was one of the people who dressed up and went to Engel.

She shows us what it was like for the would-be extras:

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“We are about to give away an amazing trip.”

If getting the chance to see yourself on the big screen in a Hollywood movie isn’t enough– How about a trip to Jamaica? One lucky extra sitting in the stands Friday took home the big prize.

Numbers 3-1-8-5-6-5-7!

Yay! Oh you’re 9-7, it was 5-7. I thought she said 9-7

Oops. OK, well as they say in the movies: Take two!

Yay! I didn’t get my hair done but I got a trip!

Vanessa Calloway will be spending three days in Montego Bay thanks to “42.”

It was very exciting especially since its in my home town. And as a child my dad brought me here so I wanted to come and be a part of it. And then to make it extra special I turn 51 next Tuesday so I’ll be on set.

When all of the paid stars of the movie leave for lunch, it’s time to thank the hundreds of volunteers who braved the heat in the stands.

( Rick Holcomb) It’s a little hot today out here.

(Jessica Brown) All the main positions had been cast, the paid positions. We wanted to open up more of an opportunity for more of the locals to be involved, you know, in this great movie. It’s a very historic film, we’re in Chattanooga. So it’s a great way to invite people out. And in lieu of them donating their time we’re raffling off all sorts of great prizes.


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