Fun For The Kids At Booker T. Washington State Park

It’s called the “End of the Summer Outdoor Celebration.”

And for the eighth year in a row, a whole lot of kids gathered at Booker T. Washington State Park Friday.

And even as we battle the pandemic, with almost every state seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases, the “show must go on!”

Let’s call it an outdoor educational opportunity.

Lots of group settings. Kids learning everything, mainly from days gone by.

For 13 year old kids like Thomas Deontay Marsh, there was a lot of learning.

“I’m learning about guns they used back in the day. Learning about certain types of instruments, and how they made stuff like silverware.”

This event was started for kids all across the city. Especially for those youngsters who usually don’t have a chance to experience all of these activities.

According to Park Ranger Robert Thomas, “we started this because most kids only think about certain sports, such as football, basketball and baseball.

We want to show these kids that activities such as hiking, fishing and canoeing are things you can do for the rest of your life.”

Things are a bit different this year. And that should come as no surprise.

Two years ago, roughly 2200 kids were here for this little gathering.  Not even 300 this time around.

Robert Thomas says the drop-off was expected. And that’s OK.

He says state parks such as Booker T. have been booming the past year and a half. People simply want to get outside!!!

That’s a huge reason to still hold this event in 2021.

“We go big! We want folks to know that we’re still here!

Yes, the kids numbers are down. However, the quality of our programs is even better.”

So they came and yes, they had a good time!!!

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