Future Plans For Reflection Riding

One of Chattanooga’s more popular “outdoor venues” is making a push for the future.

Reflection Riding merged with the Chattanooga Nature Center back in 2017.

And now, Reflection Riding has a new plan. With an eye towards our generations to come.

The facility is a 300 acre open air nature center in Lookout Valley. It’s a place to have fun. And possible learn some things at the same time.

The non-profit organization has been around for decades. But those in charge now have a new plan.

It’s called “Framework For The Future.” It’s a map, with an eye towards our future generations.

“We believe that nature is for everybody,” says Executive Director Mark McKnight.

“We’re making those connections and trying to get people out here. We want them to experience what WE are experiencing right now.

Hearing the birds. Looking across this field with deer and horses. It’s fantastic.”

Keeping things peaceful, but also keeping an eye towards growth. That’s the plan.  An upgrade if you will.

Better facilities. Bigger facilities. More facilities. But never losing the tranquility.

The new plan was conceived by professionals. In the midst of COVID-19.

Visitation tripled in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. People wanted to get outside.

But the plan will cost money. McKnight, who’s been with Reflection Riding for right around four years, says he clearly understands the challenges ahead.

“We’re going to turn to our community and ask that they support the plan. We want to make nature accessible to the next generation.

People have experienced this property before we had recorded history here in Chattanooga.”

At this point, McKnight says the organization doesn’t really have a monetary figure, as for the overall cost of the new make-over.

But the new project is about evolving and improving. And protecting this nature center forever.

McKnight says there is not a hard timeline in place for the new project. But he believes it will take roughly 8-10 years to complete.

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