Gas prices go up, Again

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-According to a survey, conducted by GasBuddy, prices have risen by 17 cents per gallon in the past week. This is $1.35 a gallon higher than this time last year.

“Global demand has been going out for crude oil and now, at the same time, we’re taking Russia’s oil out of the global market,”

“I think back about a year and a half ago, about when the pipeline was discontinued, and of course, we opened up a pipeline for Russia,” said Scottie LaRue.

According to gas buddy, the highest in the Chattanooga area was at $4.39/gallon. But Greg Garrison isn’t letting the high gas prices get to him.

“I’ve  lived through so many of these gas prices it’s kind of a day of the week thing for me,” said Garrison.

Another strategy some people from the Tennessee Valley are using, is driving across the state line into Georgia to go fill up at a gas station while the tax relief is still in place.

‘If I’m about to travel to Georgia that’s when I get a full tank but I’ll start doing the math if I ever have to go across the country,” said Garrison.

LaRue says the restrictions, that are in place, are what’s causing oil prices to be so much higher and continue to increase.

“I think the government regulations on the oil companies don’t allow them to drill,” said LaRue.

Georgia suspended gas tax, that is providing some relief, is set to expire on May 31st

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