Georgia extends gas tax suspension into September

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – Governor Brian Kemp is extending the suspension of Georgia’s excise tax on gas.

This order will continue the tax suspension through September 12.

The Georgia legislature removed the state tax on gas back in March as a way to thwart rising prices.

Skeptics (like Tennessee Republicans) point out the action does not stop gas retailers from just pocketing the tax money instead of passing it along to consumers.

However, it has had the desired affect in Georgia, driving many Tennesseans across the state line to cash in on lower prices.

Governor Kemp says “Because we suspended the motor fuel tax, the cost of a regular gallon of gas in Georgia has consistently been one of the lowest in the nation.”

The action basically means that gas retailers don’t have to pay Georgia approximately 26 cents a gallon. So gas purchasers benefit, while the state budget loses some tax revenues. Gov. Kemp says Georgia can afford it because of budget surpluses and tight management on spending.

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