Georgia residents feeling slight relief at gas stations

Prices beginning to drop following suspension of state gas tax

Catoosa County, GA (WDEF) — Georgia’s 29-cent gas tax is currently null and void to help Georgians save a little more cash at the pump.

Georgia resident Matthew Brown commutes 30 minutes to work daily and was grateful for Gov. Brian Kemp’s actions.

“We appreciate the tax cut,” Brown said. “Probably for me to drive back and forth from Dalton — it’s probably already an extra hundred dollars. It’s awful … makes the commute to work rough.”

While he’s enjoying seeing gas prices drop, he’s skeptical about them staying that way.

“I’m hoping that it keeps going down,” Brown said. “But usually when summer rolls around, usually it shoots back up. So hopefully that won’t be the case.”

Gift Egbe, a Chattanooga-based construction worker, supports Gov. Kemp’s decision to cut the state’s tax on gasoline.

He’s hopeful that Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee will do the same.

“I want Tennessee to do the same thing Georgia is doing,” Egbe said. “The gas prices [are] driving everyone crazy. It’s driving everyone crazy. I wish Joe Biden [would] do something about it. I really wish Biden can help us out. Gas is just going through the roof.”

“They raised gas prices, they raised them in November when they first came into office,” Brown added. “Now, they [are] raising them again. They [are] blaming it on Russia but it was a problem in November, as well.”

Georgia resident Brandon Knapp also believes that Gov. Kemp’s approach to help cut back on gas prices should be adopted by other states whose families are hurting.

“It’s helped me a lot,” Knapp said. “The price just kept going up. I was thinking it was just going to keep going. To see it start coming down has just kind of been nice. You know, if it’s not hurting anything else, then I think it’s a good idea.”

According to CBS News in Atlanta, the state average for gasoline was $4.22 on Friday.

If gas stations cut their prices appropriately, the absence of the 29-cent tax will bring the cost down to just under four dollars a gallon in The Peach State.

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