Georgia’s Attorney General hosts round table discussion on preventing elderly abuse at Dalton State College

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Representatives from several Georgia agencies met at a round table this afternoon hosted by Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr.

The meeting was held at Dalton State and the topic of discussion was how to protect the elderly from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Dan Flynn is with the North Georgia Elder Abuse Task Force. He said complaints of elderly abuse ranged from local nursing home neglect to federal level financial scams.

“We partner with the US Secret Service and what we’ve been doing very successfully with their assistance recently is when we tie him to the thing that we’re seeing lately these huge financial scams $100,000 Plus scams against the elderly,” said Flynn.

Some of the major cyber money scams can look like an IRS or Medicaid scam. There are also scams called the Grandparent or Romance scam, these are when someone calls claiming to be a grandchild or an online romantic interest and present the victim with a urgent situation that can only be resolved with money.

Never agree to give any bank account information, transfer money, or re-ship goods they send you.

Unfortunately, online charitable giving can also be a hidden scam. Before you donate you can verify the agency on or

Red flags include high pressure situations, insistence you pay via cash or wire transfer and uses a name that is closely related to a well known and trusted charitable organization.

Pam Clayton with the Georgia Healthcare Association said everyone should know the proper way to report elder abuse and that starts with front line workers.

“It’s ensuring that providers at every level so from leadership all the way through to that front line staff understand what their role as a mandated reporter is, what constitutes abuse, neglect, exploitation misappropriation of property.“

A representative with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said, “It’s the old adage if you see something, say something definitely, we always remind people that Georgia is a dual reporting state that has to be reported to Adult Protective Services and law enforcement at the same time.”

To learn more about resources on how to protect yourself or elderly family members download the Georgia abuse neglect exploitation app. Search G-A-N-E on the apple app or google play store.

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