Giving Guitars Tour

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF)-A formerly homeless country musician is making it a point to spread the importance of music.

Country musician Steven Cade is donating guitars to inspire those in needs and offer a means of musical escape.

His ‘Giving Guitars Tour’ visits homeless shelters and agencies across the country to interact with those in need, donate guitars, and hold liver performances.

Case has gifted over 70 guitars to the residents of the shelter and enjoys passing on the love of music to those in need.

“As a trial, it was a challenge, it was a season in our life where we learned what it was like to be homeless. It is, when your dad and your husband and you’re telling your kids look we’re gonna be on the couch tonight it’s nothing that you want to say. It’s not that I’m proud of it but it happened. Music is healing. It’s a therapy and it’s a stress reliever,” said Cade.

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