God’s Pit Crew building home destroyed by 2020 Easter Sunday tornados

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – A Christian nonprofit is rebuilding a house in Cleveland that was destroyed during the Easter tornadoes in 2020.

“I call them my angels in red because they’re truly a blessing,” said Shanda Dutton.

Josh and Shanda Dutton lost their home and everything they own when the tornado hit. She says Josh is in poor health and the couple has no way to rebuild. God’s Pit Crew volunteers and staff have stepped up and are building the Dutton family a new home.

“It’s more of a blessing for us to be able to do it for the people than it is for them to receive it and of course they don’t believe it but it really is. It’s more of a blessing for us to be able to come back and come out and give back to the people,” said construction coordinator Warren Johnson.

Shanda isn’t allowed to see the house until the unveiling on October 9th but she has already seen the work God’s pit crew has done because they rebuilt her parents’ house who lost their home in the same tornado.

“It’s probably a first for me at least being with God’s Pit Crew being able to do that. Both homes got destroyed side-by-side and it’s the same feeling you know being able to help a family especially to help the same family,” said Johnson.

“Just to lose everything and then them coming back and restoring Hope to my parents and then me and Josh,” said Shanda.

Johnson said a lot of work goes into building these houses but it’s a labor of love and incredible volunteer support.

“They can’t explain why they want to come and work hard, hot, hours when they wouldn’t you couldn’t even pay people enough to do this job yet they’ll come out and do it to help someone in need,” said Johnson.

Shanda said she’s excited and a little overwhelmed on what she will get to see at the unveiling less than two weeks away.

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