Golden Apple Award: Abby Fortner Lookout Valley Middle High School

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Abby Fornter teaches English and Social Studies at Lookout Valley Middle School. She also gets in plenty of kicks coaching soccer. At least one of her students calls Fortner the “best teacher ever”.

Lee Ann McBryar is the Principal at Lookout Valley Middle High School

She says, “Ms. Fortner is in her second year in teaching. She already teaches as if she is on her 10th year level. She stays prepared with all her lessons, her curriculum and stays ahead of the game with her students.”

Ms. Fortner explains, “I am a teacher. I am a coach. All my time spent all of my time planning and preparing. I am also a professional photographer on the side, and I really love you. I really love these kids and just really want to see their growth.”


King Dylan Bailey is an 8th grader.

He says, “Ms. Fortner is this the best teacher ever. She is a very hard worker. She doesn’t yell as much as you think she does, and I think that she deserves the Golden Apple because she is a very hard worker.”


Ms. Fortner concludes,” I always felt kind of a call towards it growing up. My grandmother was a teacher, and so it kinda runs in the family. It was something I was always called to. I actually taught in Hong Kong for a month during college and did a internship there. It is a really cool experience for a culture, and I am a strong Christian, so I view that as a good way to spread the love of Christ.  I really love to see those light-bulb moments of students when the, you know, when they get it. I don’t know if there is a favorite part of the day. Just the moments in the classroom where they, they answer questions; they’re engaged and really active in their own learning and have to advocate for themselves is a huge part of it. I want them to live a life that is full of meaning. You know being able to provide for themselves and their family at some point, and part of that is getting the education and being able to be successful in life; no matter what that looks like. As long as they’re happy that is what matters most.



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