Golden Apple Award: Amber Hicks, Skyuka Hall

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Teaching math is no problem for Skyuka Hall’s Amber Hicks. Her approach starts with being a good listener. Factor in trust and kindness, and the answers have way of appearing. Her caring and creative approach earned Mrs. Hicks the Golden Apple Award.

Ashley Moore is the Principal at Skyuka Hall.

She says, “What makes Mrs. Hicks, such a valuable asset, and one of the unique brand of teachers, is her love for her students and her desire to be sure that everyone of their individual needs are met for them.”

When asked about herself, Mrs. Hicks says, “Amber Hicks is a teacher that loves her students and enjoys teaching, because I get to be a part of each one of their journeys and helping them see all the wonderful things about themselves and what’s going to make them with amazing humans they’re going to be when they get older.”

Britt Fyffe is 8th grader at Skyuka.

He says, “Anytime others like it’s something like really hard or subject she always tries to make it fun. Even though like it’s not a fun subject, she still tries to make it fun and interesting.”

Mrs. Hicks says, “I wanted to be a teacher since my sister was born when I was 3 1/2 years old. Being with the kids, just learning about them and spending time with them bringing out the best parts of their personality. Just the kids it’s my favorite part.”

Kat Benson is also an 8th grader at Skyuka.

Kat says, “Sometimes, some of us go through some things, and it’s harder for us to maybe do and learn because we’re going through things, and we think and we have our own problems, and sometimes having someone that will listen to you, and be there for you, it really helps with learning.”

Mrs. Hicks concludes, “When we listen, we’re seeking to understand instead of seeking to respond. And most of the time, our kids just want to know that their ideas are validated and heard. They want somebody to be there to comfort them, to understand them, to work through it with them, and so I just want to be a safe space to be exactly who they want to be in that moment, and so listening helps me get there with them.”




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