Golden Apple Award: Annaliese Cope, Chattanooga Valley Elementary

FLINTSTONE, GA (WDEF) – Students at Chattanooga Valley describe Annaliese Cope as pure sunshine. She routinely goes above and beyond to make her classroom a fun and loving place for students to grow. We shine a well-deserved light on Ms. Cope with this week’s Golden Apple Award.

Heather Culberson is the Principal at Chattanooga Valley.

When asked about Ms. Cope she says, “She is as kind on the inside as she is on the outside. She loves her school. She loves her family, her children, the community. She is the most loving person you’ll meet.

Ms. Cope describes herself thusly, “Who is Miss Cope?  Miss Cope is a kindergarten teacher. She actually loves kindergarten. And I think it’s the most magical place in the whole world. The growth that happens in kindergarten is fabulous. Miss Cope is silly. Miss Cope loves children in her community just like Ms. Culberson said. and she loves Chattanooga Valley.”

Jenny Fouts is a paraprofessional at Chattanooga Valley.

She says, “This is the most fun room in the building. Like, I love it every day. We get a lot of exercise that is for sure, because we are jumping, we are dancing, we are running around.”


Ms. Cope continues, “They are the sunshine in a bottle. They come in with great stories. They love big. They get excited. It makes my job not a job. It makes my job fun.


She concludes, “I was at this school in second grade, at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School in Ms. Carol Hooper’s class.  I decided that I was going to be a teacher when I grow up at Chattanooga Valley, and so I put it on my vision board, and here I am. I want them to grow up and be good humans. I want the, to learn a lot. I want them to grow as learners, but I want them to grow up and treat people with kindness, all people with kindness all of the time.”



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