Golden Apple Award: April Pangle, Antioch Elementary

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) — Both staff members and students from Antioch Elementary School say second grade teacher April Pangle makes learning fun. It’s one of many reasons why she earned this week’s Golden Apple Award.

April Pangle is a second-grade teacher at Antioch Elementary in Dalton, Georgia.

“Miss Pangle is an outstanding teacher,” said Antioch Principal Carrie Bates. “She has a huge amount of patience for the students. She’s really concerned about their needs all the individual needs of the students. And she makes learning fun.”

When asked who April Pangle is, she responded, “I’m a wife and a mother, and a teacher, a friend, a daughter. When my oldest son started in pre-k, the para-pros were just amazing. And I went to this school when I was a little girl, so I already knew some of the para-pros, and so that’s what got me my start.”

Pangle continued, “I love the kids; their personalities are just so fun. I like spending time with them every day. Our families are wonderful. They are hard working. They really care and try… My school, I love the people I work with, they’re like a family. So, it makes it nice to be here.”

“She’s a great co-teacher, makes things fun,” said ESOL teacher Sam Presley. “The kids love her. It’s been a great year working with Miss Pangle this year.”

Second-grade student Yamel Roman said about his teacher, “She’s nice. Her teaching makes it fun a little bit but. But it makes it a lot of fun.”

Another second-grade student, Mason Kelley, said, “She has a little pet named Max. And she makes everything fun.”

“They are what’s best about my job,” Pangle said. “Just listening to their stories every day. Um… talking with them, it just makes me happy.”

News 12 asked Pangle what she wants them to remember most about her. Her response was, “that I really tried, I always tried my best to be what they needed me to be.”


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