Golden Apple Award: Dr. Lindy Blazek, OLPH

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Despite spending four and half decades in the classroom Dr. Lindy Blazek has never lost her passion for teaching. The latest stop in her stellar career took her to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, where naturally students love Dr. B.

Dr. Caroline Carlin is the Principal at OLPH.

She says, “There’s not a day that Dr. B doesn’t enter into the hallway or in classrooms, where she’s trying to use the inspiration of her students, of her content area, and constantly trying to make herself a better educator and a better mentor to her students.”

When asked to describe herself, Dr. B says,” I’m an educator. I’m a parent. I’m a grandparent. I’m a coach. I’m a mom, a wife, grandmother, a little bit of everything, (with) over 45 years in education. I had wonderful teachers. I can’t think of a single teacher that I regret having. I had nuns who taught me discipline and love above everything else. I had lay teachers that taught me how to express myself, how to stand up for myself.”

7th grader Diego Lopez says, “She’s also very helping, and if she notices like, one of us not being in the best mood, she will come up to us and like ask if everything’s okay and all of that.”

7th grader Addyson Frogg chips in, “It’s my first year here and the day I walked into her classroom she welcomed me with an open heart, and she doesn’t send home loads of work. She gets it done in class and she doesn’t stress you out. She makes sure you’re confident in all your things.”

7th grader Maddie Grass says, “There will be sometimes where I see her as my grandmother more than my teacher, because she’ll be coming over to me if I seem like puzzled on a question. She’ll come over to me and help me.”

Dr. B says, “I think that’s what gives me a little bit of an edge being a grandmother, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I think learning should be fun. You have to be here for seven hours so let’s make it fun as long as you learn then let’s have a good time doing it.”


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