Golden Apple Award: Heritage Middle’s Dillon Crowder

CATOOSA COUNTY, (WDEF) – 8th Grade Social Studies can be a Middle School rite of passage. It’s a serious subject, but there is room to have a little fun. Dillon Crowder uses his keen sense of humor to bring the best out his students at Heritage Middle.

Melissa Travillian is the Principal at Heritage Middle School

She says, “Coach Carter makes social studies more fun than the average teacher. Because he likes to get his students involved in history and what actually took place. And he takes them outside and does re-creations of different events that happened in history.”

Dillon describes himself this way, “Dillon Crowder is a teacher at Heritage Middle School who had the benefit of really good teachers and formed relationships with those teachers that made me want to come back here so much and teach and coach in the same place and have that same impact on other peoples lives.”

Conner Stephenson is an  8th Grader at Heritage Middle School.

Conner says, “I just like Crowder.  He’s a he’s a good teacher. He’s my coach for several years.”

Logan Rice is an 8th Grader, Heritage Middle School.

Logan explains, “Well he is very interactive. He makes learning fun. In general he’s just a pretty good teacher.”

Dillon concludes, “I think the best thing about teaching, especially social studies, it combines my favorite things, my love of history along with the ability just to interact with people. Just be able to like take an original artifact or something like that and to really feel the connection. For example the holster that is on at the World War II mannequin over there was carried by a gentlemen I went to church with who won the Silver Star as a tank driver in, Italy. So, what that experience what that’s been through to actually be able to look at it, it’s not just something on the pages or on the screen as some history test. It’s real.”


He goes on to say, “I want these kids to gain appreciation for how their interactions, how societal interactions, things like that are going to prepare them for life. I don’t think it’s just enough to prepare them to the for the next grade level, although that’s certainly necessary, but it’s to teach them about life, to prepare them, to equip them for life and more importantly (how) their interactions and relationships are gonna form in it.”




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