Golden Apple Award: Janie Shelton, CSAS

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Patience and kindness are job requirements for any good kindergarten teacher. Janie Shelton magically blends those qualities in her classroom at CSAS. Setting a solid foundation for a lifetime love of learning earned Ms. Shelton the Golden Apple Award.

Fannie Moore is the lower school principal at CSAS.

She explains, “Ms. Shelton is a wonderful teacher. She is very passionate, cares deeply about her students, goes above and beyond in every way to make sure that there emotional and academic needs are met, and she just creates a warm and loving environment where all students can succeed.”

Ms. Shelton says, “I’ve been at CSAS for 12 years, and I student taught here. So, we’re a K-12 school. So, my oldest group’s 11th graders now. So, I get to watch the kids grow up and become adults.

She continues, ” My dad was a teacher. So, I saw him be a teacher my whole life. I just like kids, so. People are just really kind. For them to find out what they love to do, and love to learn, and then continue to do that for the rest of their lives. And impact their communities in great ways.”



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