Golden Apple Award: Kate Campbell, Soddy Elementary

Soddy Daisy, TN (WDEF) – Long division is no problem for students in Kate Campbell’s fourth grade class at Soddy Elementary. Through kindness and patience, she makes sure every child can find their own solution. That earned Ms. Campbell this week’s Golden Apple Award.

Kim Roden is the Principal at Soddy Elementary.

She explains, “Ms. Campbell is an excellent teacher. She loves to teach children. She works hard to meet every child’s needs.”

When asked to describe herself, Ms. Campbell says, “I am a mom of two kids. I have two high school students at Signal Mountain, and I moved to Chattanooga about eight years ago from Virginia. I am originally from Pennsylvania. So, I have taught anywhere from Pennsylvania down to Tennessee.”

4th grader Lily Kirk says, “She is always real nice to us, and I think she teaches really great educationally, and sometimes she tells us things that, that some people learn in middle school.”

4th grader Jack Vetsch chips in, “She makes work feel like it isn’t hard. It is easy. She makes you feel like it’s easy when it’s complicated. She helps us.”

4th grader Macie Smith agrees, “She teaches you more than the answer and like more, more than you are supposed to know, and she gives good advice for the problems.”

Ms. Campbell concludes, “They are just joyful, and I like being in a classroom with them. Since I was little, I decided that someday, I had just the right amount of bossiness and the right amount of like ability to kind of teach kids the way that can make it understood and the right kind of patience for elementary school kids. That is all I really wanted to do. I want them to remember that anything is possible, and that if you work hard, and you really invest yourself, that you can achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. and that kindness is important to everybody, and it doesn’t cost anything, and that whatever they choose to do in life, they can be successful because they are built all the way from the ground up who they are going to be along the way, and I am just a part of that journey, and I want them to know that I believe in them, and they can do anything that they choose.”




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