Golden Apple Award: Matthew Brady, Brown Middle School

HARRISON, TN (WDEF) – Corporate America’s loss is Brown Middle School’s gain. In less than 2 years, Matthew Brady has transformed into a dynamic young teacher with a knack for problem solving. His unconventional approach earned Mr. Brady the Golden Apple Award.

Karyn Cox is the Principal at Brown Middle.

She says, “Mr. Brady was a product of Project Inspire. He did great, learned great things, especially strategies for teaching and engaging students.

Marilyn Merriman is an 8th grader at Brown.

She says, “He’s just really nice. You can really tell, he cares a lot, and he always likes jokes around with kids, and he’s just really good teacher.

When asked to describe himself, Mr. Brady says, “I am a 27 year old from Nashville, originally. I went to Lee University up in Cleveland, Tennessee, graduated and went into the corporate world, where I found out it wasn’t for me.”


He continues, ” This is my second full year teaching. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think every day is a new day, a new challenge. It doesn’t matter how the day ended before. Every time I walk in, it’s a completely different day. Being someone who’s not just here to teach but here to be a part of their lives, and more than just a teacher role is extremely important for students to come in who are dealing with stuff at home, dealing with stuff outside of school. I think that was, that was one of my main goals and with coming into teaching I would say actually, not necessarily speaking on a subject or teaching to a book or a specific curriculum, but it’s about building relationships and being there for students who need it.”



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