Golden Apple Award: Rhonda Wells, Calhoun Middle School

CALHOUN, GA (WDEF) – Calhoun Middle School is home a teacher who’s lovingly referred to as Mama Wells. That’s because she treats every child in her class as if they were one of her own. Mama Wells commitment to kids goes on long after the last bell rings for the day. We’ll celebrate her remarkable story with the Golden Apple Award.

Allison Eubanks in the Principal at Calhoun Middle.

She says, “Mama Wells is a staple at Calhoun Middle School and Calhoun High School. So, her influence goes beyond the middle school and travels onto the high school. So, she is a number one relationship builder.”

When asked to describe herself, Rhonda Wells says, “I’m a teacher, and I’m a mom. I love all my kids just like they were my own kids, all my students.”

Catherin Wells is a 9th grader at Calhoun High.

When asked about her mom, she says, ” She’s very outgoing, and she does more than she needs to. She, like, if we have a project, she buys more than she needs to, and she’s very outgoing.”

Kelly Wells Junior is a Senior at Calhoun High.

Kelly says,” She just helps me. She’s always helpful with my homework or anything I need to do. and she always loves us all the time.”

Thomas Wells is a junior at Calhoun High.

Thomas says, ” She goes out of her way to help other people including us, like if anyone needs help, they go to her.”

Mama Wells explains, ” I just love to try to break math down in little bitty segments and hopefully they can understand it and give them confidence that they can do math. My elementary school teachers always, they were really good, and they gave me the confidence, and they would say, ‘You can do it. You’re good at math.’ Even though I didn’t believe I was good at math myself.”

Her husband Kelly Wells Senior says, “I think all teachers are. it’s a calling, and it’s a special, it’s a special profession that takes a special person.”

Terry Moss is a Junior at Calhoun High.

Terry says,” Over the summer my family has had some problems with money and other family issues, and they have practically adopted me into their own family. And I’ve been living with them for like eight months now. I didn’t really think that their family would accept me, like, all as much as they have, because I was an outsider, and I did have her class in eighth grade, but the way that they have helped me so much and everything, I couldn’t ever pay back my dues for them. Thank you so much, and I love you too.”

Kelly Wells Senior adds,” Overall, I think she’s awesome, not just because she’s my wife, I think you can ask anybody and they would tell you the same.”

Rhonda Wells concludes, “I want them to put forth their best in everything. You know whether it’s doing the dishes, or learning something new,  just try their very, very best, and if they don’t know how to do it and don’t know where to start, I mean, they have a lot of people that’s willing to help them. All they got to do is ask.”



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