Gov. Kemp extends Gas Tax Suspension into August

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – Georgia drivers will continue to get a break on gas prices for a few more weeks.

Governor Kemp today extended the suspension on the state gas tax that we’ve seen since April.

The suspension now runs through August 13th.

The tax normally costs you about 29 cents a gallon.

And Georgia’s gas prices have been running about 20 cents lower than the national average since the legislature approved the suspension in the spring.

Before today’s action, the suspension was set to end on July 14th.

The Federal government has a gas tax of its own.

President Biden has proposed suspending the Federal tax for 3 months, but Congress hasn’t acted on it.  Members of both parties are against it.

Remember, suspending the tax only means that the government does not collect it.  It does not mean that oil sellers have to drop their prices, accordingly.

That’s one reason why Tennessee lawmakers have resisted doing it.

But Georgia has seen their prices drop, even though sellers are keeping some of the difference themselves.

Governor Kemp has made the issue a big plank in his re-election bid this fall.

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