Gov. Lee Proposes Suspension of Grocery Sales Tax in Tennessee instead of gas

It would last 30 days to head off inflation for consumers

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – While Tennessee lawmakers are been luke-warm at best to the idea of suspending the state gas tax, they have an alternative. On Thursday, Governor Bill Lee proposed a food tax suspension instead.

Tennessee would lift both the state and any local grocery taxes for thirty days. Of course, food prices have also gone up along with gas prices as the inflation rate has hit a 40 year high. And the gas spike is expected to make food prices worse.

Tennessee Republicans have argued that suspending the gas tax is not efficient or practical, even though we’re seeing prices plummet across north Georgia since they took the action last week. Democratic lawmakers are the ones pushing a gas tax suspension in Tennessee.

The Governor says targeting food taxes is a better option.

“As Americans see their cost-of-living skyrocket amid historic inflation, suspending the grocery tax is the most effective way to provide direct relief to every Tennessean,” said Gov. Lee. “Our state has the ability to put dollars back in the pockets of hardworking Tennesseans, and I thank members of the General Assembly for their continued partnership in maintaining our fiscally conservative approach.”

3/25/22, Article updated to clarify status of proposed tax suspension.


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