GPS Grad Notes Growth of Women’s Sports on National Women in Sports Day

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Women sports have continued to grow in popularity and availability.

How far have female sports come? Well a GPS graduate recently spoke about how when she played basketball she wasn’t even allowed to cross half court.

News 12’s Brian Armstrong highlights the growth in women sports.

Said Debbie Young: “It is a venue that is enhanced and changed my life and continues to do so.”

Debbie Young graduated in 79 from GPS and female sports was changing from year to year.

Said Young: It’s exciting to see how far we can both on a smaller stage you’re in Chattanooga brewing stages well with the celebration of women in sports and the support it’s cotton across the board from men and people who support this drives that we made.

Now she can look back and see how sports has grown included women no longer playing half court basketball 3 on 3.

Said Young: Sophomore year we had intermural’s in an all-star team was packed and we played one game for the year that was our season and then my junior year we had a team and then Played full season but it was three on three and stopped to have court.

Young saw how truly far women sports has come when she saw GPS win this falls state soccer title.

Said Young: We will schedule our schedule at McCallie so that we would have fans that would come a little early for their game to support us. Now we go to the state soccer game where we’re at Red Wolves stadium. Which was a great menu for it and we are able to see there was many men and boys cheering so enthusiastically in the crowd and I thought we got a long way.

One of the girls winning the state title was Kennedy Ball who says she was able to see women sports grow and she hopes to be an example for future female athletes.

Said Ball: I guess I aslo dreamed of becoming a Romero or becoming someone that a little girl might look up to one day so that is really awesome.

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