Gracey Kruse Brings the Fun to Mocs Softball Team


The Mocs softball team faces Alabama in the NCAA regionals this week.
Win or lose, Chattanooga will have a good time because Gracey Kruse is on their team.
Kruse is all about having fun. Take her committment to U-T-C.
She showed up at head coach Frank Reed’s house on Christmas Eve to announce her commitment.

Said Kruse:”I feel like I’m just like crazy. (laughs)
No wonder Kruse is Crae Crae. She has six brothers and sisters.
Said Kruse:”It’s like the ‘Brady Bunch’. (laughs) There’s four girls and two boys. The boys are on the older end, so they always fight and argue with you, especially when we were younger. The girls try to stay together and hold their ground. It’s definitely crazy that’s for sure.”
Guess who brings craziness to the Mocs.
Said infielder Emily Coltharp:”So I think having her on the field. You always know it’s going to be a good time with Gracey, so that’s always fun.”
Said infielder Reagan Armour:”When you have Gracey on your team, she’s just one of those that she’s going to pick you up no matter what. She’s going to bring the energy. She’s going to bring the life. She’s never going to let there be a dull moment or anything like that.”
Said Reed:”Well she has a fun-loving personality. She likes to come in and pull a trick on you every now and then. That’s sort of cool.”
Kruse has even pranked her coach.
Said Kruse:”He told me to hold his zip-ties for him one day because he was out here fixing the fence. I went in the locker room, and I zip-tied his shoes together.”
Said Coltharp:”This past weekend in Greensboro there was like a water gun fight going on in the hotel, and she had a water gun. She didn’t get me, but she got the coaches.”
Kruse loves the antics, except when it’s game time.
Said Armour:”Gracey just has like that different type swagger that when you step on the field. I mean she can carry herself one way on the field, and then a different way off the field. That’s kind of hard to find now-a-days because she can be all business, but also have fun playing in the game and stuff like that.”
Kruse is versatile at the plate too.
Said Kruse:”So typically I go up to the bat thinking I’m gonna hit. If I feel like I”m not seeing the ball as well or my timing is off, I’ll in the middle of the bat swtich to slapping.”
Said Reed:”It’s a power slap. She doesn’t give up a lot when she does that. She’s an all-around kid. It has been fun to have her for the years that we have had her on our team.”

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