Hamilton County Republicans proud of election results; warn more needs to be done

John Allen Brooks calls out opponent for District Attorney, Coty Wamp, for Silverdale issues

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Republican Party’s group in Hamilton County, the Pachyderm Club, held its first meeting since last Tuesday’s election.

What was said in the meeting was last week’s results were just a start. This is where the real races begin.

Weston Wamp defeated two challengers for the nomination for County Mayor.

His sister Coty beat incumbent Neal Pinkston for the nomination for District Attorney General.

All part of a larger narrative for the Republican party to get younger to attract more youth.

State Rep. Greg Martin of Hixson says, “We probably had a number of people that voted in our primary that are new to the Republican party, and we welcome them to share our values and adopt our principles, and to enhance our principles of lower taxes, less government, more opportunity for the individual. Those are things that are important to Republicans.”

Former U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp attended today’s Pachyderm Club meeting for Hamilton County’s Republican Party. He says they have to find a way to move forward to attract a more diverse group.

Zach Wamp: “Politically, we better be a party of compassion, a party of adoption, a party of trying to help people, both the woman and the child, instead of a party trying to make certain people punished for things. There’s the dangers of American politics.”

Coty Wamp’s opponent for District Attorney General is Democrat John Allen Brooks. He is critical of Wamp’s lack of courtroom experience, but also says her handling of Silverdale’s issues should be very telling for voters.

Brooks: “Right now, the most dangerous place in this county is the Hamilton County jail at Silverdale. There’s more drugs being sold out there. There are more knives… people being shanked. And who’s in charge? My opponent. I think that tells you what she would do if she was elected to be district attorney.”

Aside from the Brooks/Wamp race for District Attorney General, Weston Wamp will face Democrat Matt Adams for Hamilton County Mayor.

Both of those races, as well as the rest of the local ones, take place August 8th.

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