Hamilton Flourishing group celebrates abortion ruling

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The anti-abortion group Hamilton Flourishing called Friday’s Roe v. Wade ruling the – quote – D-Day – for abortion.

Today’s press conference was in cooperation with thousands across the country who held a solemn celebration for the protection of life and the unborn.

The founder of the group, Doug Daugherty, says the ruling was a victory, but says the abortion issue is not finished with the Supreme Court.

“The science is so solid. I mean, what else can you conceive … two human beings conceive, but a human being? That’s the only thing they can conceive. So, what is it? It’s a human being. So, when does it have rights? Well, what is it … That’s what the court has to deal with. It goes all the way … the rule of law has to be established at conception.”

Hamilton Flourishing will have another celebration at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga this upcoming Thursday at 6:30.

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