Hard Work Paying Off For Tyner Quarterback Josh Jackson

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Tyner’s Josh Jackson sets the tone for the team with his leadership on and off the field. He is also leading the team to wins as he is 2-0 and each game hes had multiple touchdowns. This off season he put in the hours of work to become that better passer.

At nearly 6 and a half feet tall Tyner QB Josh Jackson stands out, and through the start of the season he has been head and shoulders above the competition.

Said head coach Scott Chandler:”He’s really had two good weeks. He started off a little slow against Howard. I think I might’ve nerves but after the first series or two he’s been pretty spot on the last two games.”

He credits the success so far to all the hard work in practice and the off-season.

Said Jackson:”It shines pretty bright now. Big games, helping my team out, passing everything I worked on going through my progressions. Throwing the ball and having chemistry with my teammates. Just means I’m connected more and more on Friday nights.”

One touchdown pass in particular stands out to hit as proof all the hard work in the off season and practice pays off.

Said Jackson:”I had them on the corner out, we worked on it all summer and it finally paid off. I really wasn’t supposed to go to him but he happened to be open so I threw it to him and I made a play. I was a hero instead of zero.”

Said Chandler:”Anytime we make good plays I think it’s satisfying. What I think is most gratifying for coaches is when we see what we do in practice translate in the game. Especially drills and technique when you can see that on Friday night you know what you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing as a coach.”

Said Jackson:”Excited because the whole summer we were working on different routes like post, corners digs, and when I saw him run his route to perfection and help me understand what we were going on the whole summer pays off.”

Jackson is also a leader in and of the field so it makes it easier for the coaches to focus on coaching

Said Jackson:”It takes a lot off me. One of our values is you have to give great effort and if we have our leaders giving great effort and makes it easier on me. I’m not having a get on them. Our younger guys look up to those guys so they’re also giving effort.”

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