Heat Wave food tips for your family

Beer? Ice Cream? Berries? A nutritionist shares what's good and what's bad for us in the heat

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – “We have a salad plate and some popcorn chicken.”

“Four cases of Gatorade.”

“Salad items, fruits. A lot of veggies…”

“Unknowingly walk out with what their body needs most this summer.

“13 cups of water for men and about nine cups of water for women.”

Nutritionist Marisa Moore says food likely already on your list, too, is key in staying hydrated.

“Our bodies are a little more than 60% water. It’s really important that our body has enough water to keep those systems going.”

Fruits and veggies, about 90% water are best for your body.

“Salad greens. tomatoes, melons, berries.”

But other natural foods like meat or diuretics, like asparagus, artichoke and mangoes can leave you feeling fatigued and depleted. But you can still enjoy your summertime barbecue.

“Just make sure you balance it out with peppers or onions, which are also very high in water. Maybe have a fruit salad on the side.”

Even traditional sweet treats like ice cream high in sugar and often considered unhealthy, won’t do much damage if paired with water immediately after.

“Ice cream does have a little bit of salt in it. And it just kind of drives us to want to naturally drink. So don’t resist that urge.”

Moore also addressed a myth in her industry that spicy foods might help you stay cool.

“As they kind of make you sweat a little bit. It’ll make you cool down. I don’t know if I’m going to buy that yet.”

The only thing Moore says you should try to really avoid is alcohol, especially during the day. For now, reporting from Atlanta, Fulton County, Savannah Louie, CBS 46 News.

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