Heritage Quarterback Kaden Swope Anchors Generals 18 Member Senior Class

Said Heritage coach E.K. Slaughter:”He’s just a competitor he’s gonna find a way however that is.”

Heritage football successful season is lead by their 18 member senior class.

Said quarterback Kaden Swope:”I get the big chemistry we’re all brothers we basically all grew up around each other, no each other and most of his parents and rec ball team

Said Slaughter:”The real tight it’s tight group of guys know each other for years hang out on the weekends play multiple sports together build a chemistry over time.

Senior quarterback Kaden Swope is a three year starter and has progressed as an offensive player

Said Slaughter:” When you got all this up going for you you can’t help it just bring some natural confidence

Said Swope:”Like a grown a lot how to transfer from Defense of mindset to more of a QB”

Despite his success on offense he does occasionally miss defense.

Said Swope:”I’m a certain people. And I have a care of your body but I have to kind of care for my body now that I buy quarterback.”

Now as a senior he and the rest of his team are trying to get the senior class a home playoff game.

Said Swope:”I think it would be big just because you know we all think that we might not get to play here again and it’s a little heartwarming if we do get to play here it’ll be great.”

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