High School Football Stadiums See Major Upgrades

When you look around at some of our area high school football stadiums, they’re turning into mini versions of college and pro venues.

For example, Cleveland just got a new video board, while Bradley Central and Walker Valley each got new turf. It’s like these high school stadiums feature the same amenities as the famous arenas we see on TV every weekend.

Now that the new video board is up at Cleveland. Welcome to the Big Show.

Said Cleveland head coach Marty Wheeler: “It takes your program I think to a different level in a lot of ways. I mean it can be more of an event at the game instead of just a football game.”

Bradley Central already has a video board. Now they’ve put down state of the art artificial turf.

Said Bradley Central head coach Damon Floyd: “It’s the newest. It’s the latest. The greatest. Has a cooling system in it. It has a pad that we paid extra money for underneath it. So it’s definitely very safe for our kids. There’s an impact testing that they do that the NFL uses. Ours far exceeds the impact testing for safety.”

Yes, the turf has a cooling system.

Said Floyd: “It has got wood chips in it instead of the rubber pellets. It helps absorb the water during rain and holds it for about two weeks, so it keeps the field cooler.”

Talk about your field of dreams.

And then there’s Dobyns Bennett’s swanky high school stadium.

Said Wheeler: “It blew my mind just the home side how it was double. It was two levels to it, and it looked like they had some actual mini sky boxes up there.”

Said Floyd: “When you go do a post game radio interview, you have to take an elevator to get to the top. I would say their video board is probably as big as the University of Tennessee’s.”

So what’s next for stadium upgrades. Maybe the flashing lights that are becoming the norm in the SEC.

Said Floyd: “Yeah I think the lighting will probably be the next thing that catches on. We’re already in the process of looking at stadium seating for our booster club members and our reserved season ticket holders. Press boxes are hopefully on the agenda not too far from now.”

Said Wheeler: “Who knows. I’m sure by then these things will be bigger, and they can do more things. Who knows they may have somebody come out of it by then. Just appear right here at the fifty and start talking.”

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