Holiday shopping might need to be done early this year due to supply chain

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- “This is not the procrastinator’s holiday so let’s just keep that in mind,” said CEO and founder of Freightwaves Craig Fuller.

Fuller said it’s possible the most popular items might be sold out even by Black Friday.

“Years with the economy is doing really well and there’s a lot of activity in the retail season everything sort of picked over,” said Fuller.

Another possibility is items might not arrive in time the for holiday season.

“As of this morning, there are over 71 ships off the coast of California waiting to get into port so they can be unloaded and that cargo put on rail or truck. Unfortunately, some of those ships will miss the deadline to make it in by Black Friday,” said Fuller.

He said there is a worker shortage throughout the entire supply chain and that includes port workers, retail workers, and truck drivers.

“Locally around Chattanooga, there’s a lot of trucking companies that are really a part of our local economy that I’ve been struggling to find drivers for. It’s just going to get that much harder for them to find people to fill the trucks and dispatch those trucks,” said Fuller.

He said the current economic situation is unlike what he’s seen in the past due to all the extra money infused by the government.

“The government has put in so much money and he got me that consumers continue to consume and spend that money and there’s a lot of available additional capital for them to go do that and that’s just driving record consumer demand,” said Fuller.

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