Hooked On Science – Gingko Trees Transform To A Golden Yellow

“Hey! How are you friends? It’s Jason Lindsey, some of you know me as “Mr. Science,” with Hooked On Science. I am on location, here in Lexington, KY, at Catalpa Road. It’s a famous road in the fall. It attracts thousands upon thousands of people all because of these gingko trees. You see it, just like I do, the trees are turning from their green to a golden yellow. The science, it’s simple, as the days get shorter and cooler, these gingko trees stop making their own food. That means the leaves go from green to a mesmerizing golden yellow. There are both male and female gingko trees. The female gingko tree actually produces a unique seed, some say it has an unbearable smell. On location, in Lexington, where the streets are literally lined with a golden leaves, I’m Jason Lindsey.”

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