Hooked On Science – Launch a Balloon Rocket In your Kitchen

PLEASE follow these safety precautions when doing any science experiment.
• ALWAYS have an adult present.
• ALWAYS wear the correct safety gear while doing any experiment.
• NEVER eat or drink anything while doing any experiment.
• REMEMBER experiments may require marbles, small balls, balloons, and other small parts. Those objects could become a CHOKING HAZARD. Adults are to perform those experiments using these objects. Any child can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Keep uninflated or broken balloons away from children.

• Long Balloon
• String
• Tape
• Straw

STEP 1: Cut 12 feet of string. Push the string through the straw.
STEP 2: Attach the string between two kitchen chairs. Pull the straw to one end of the string.
STEP 3: Fully inflate the long balloon. Using the tape, attach the balloon to the straw.
STEP 4: Release the balloon and observe. Provide evidence of the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of the balloon.
STEP 5: Pull the balloon and straw to one end of the string. Inflate the balloon half of the way. Release the balloon and observe. Compare the effects of different strengths of pushes on the motion of the balloon.

When you release the balloon, air quickly rushes out of the balloon, exerting a force, which pushes the balloon forward. This is known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which states, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Download these instructions here and check the Hooked on Science page for more science experiments.

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