Howard Finding Motivation in New Jerseys

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Howard has a super motivational word in their nickname…the Hustlin’ Tigers.
Now they have even more inspirational words pressed on the back of their new jerseys.

Howard coach Dedric Maffett told his players they were getting new jerseys this year, but he didn’t tell them everything.
Said defensive lineman Roy Miles:”He told me he wanted to do a retro-look, but I really didn’t know exactly what he wanted or envisioning with it.”
Splashed across the front it  says ‘The Den’ for the Tigers Den. On the back. Motivational words. Maffett says he got the idea after seeing the Army team do it.
Said Maffett:”I think what we are trying to do is to try to work with our guys mentally. Try get them or their mindsets correct and change their mindsets. That’s the only way we are going to try to change the culture here.”
Seems the players are buying in.
Said running back Mikel Freeman:”Mine says ‘uplift’. It meant something to me. It told me something. It showed me that I’m one of the players that uplifts this team.”
Said Miles:”My teammates try to use those words on the back of them. Like uplifting, grit, and academics.”
Said Maffett:”One thing that I learned in education. I worked for a lady, and she told me that everything speaks, regardless of what the situation is. Everything that you do. Everything that’s around you speaks to somebody, so therefore, we are saying if you have that shirt on, that shirt will speak to somebody.”
Sounds like the jerseys speak to the opponents as well.
Said Freeman:”TKA game. There was one dude. He said hey, these jerseys are cold.”
Said Maffett:”We just want success and push them to a higher trajectory in life, and what they may be aiming for. If that’s a shirt or name on the back of a shirt that can inspire them to give them a transformative experience, that’s what we look to do.”

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