Huge Turnout at Election Commission

Hamilton County Residents Voice Redistricting Concerns

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Election Commission met this morning to discuss redistricting and voting centers. Numerous county residents attended. The crowd of was noted as the largest in recent memory.

“We were basically at people just standing. We didn’t have enough seats for everyone that came today. I think we may be looking at what the new normal for voter engagement in elections, and honestly I find it very encouraging,” said Nate Foster, Assistant Administrator of the Election Commission.

There was some question as to whether a new polling center would be opened in Alton Park. The commission decided that a new polling location would not be needed in that area.

The commission expressed a commitment to transparency regarding redistricting.

“We have some citizens that are obviously concerned by the redistricting process because they want to be educated and know every step of the process — what’s going on — so they can make sure and see how they’re impacted, how the people in their communities are impacted,” said Foster.

Information about redistricting and polling centers will be mailed to County residents once redistricting has concluded.

“We’re going to mail every voter — every active voter — in the county a notice, to the address we know them to live at, to let them know what their new polling place is, what their new district is, what their new precinct name is.”

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