Internal Audit gives Mayor Kelly and his team an early Christmas present

Report finds no ethics violations in the sale of his former property on Workman Road

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – An audit finds that the Mayor of Chattanooga met the city’s Code of Ethics in the sale of some former property that had raised some eyebrows.

The property in question is the old Southern Honda Power Sports site on Workman Road.

The store, formerly owned by Tim Kelly, moved to a new location in East Ridge.

In September, there was some controversy when the current operators ordered crews to clean out a homeless camp with 45 people in it to make way for the sale of the property.

Then the lot was sold for almost $3 million dollars at the beginning of the month.

Kelly has said that he is completely divested from his old business since becoming Mayor.

The Office of Internal Audit investigated the dealings and found that the Mayor abided by the Code of Ethics throughout.

His chief of staff, Joda Thongnopnua, says “We are pleased to see the independent report echoes what our administration has said publicly from the start.”

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