Investigator describes child molestation case against cheerleading coach

James Everett Sisson faces child molestation charge

RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – Since they announced the arrest of a private cheerleading coach on Tuesday, Catoosa investigators have heard from a lot of concerned parents.

Andy Santoro spoke today with the lead investigator.

“If you have a private lesson with a coach, my suggestion would be you better make sure you know who you’re child is dealing with.”

Detective Clay Thompson with the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating 49-year-old James Everett Sisson who is charged with child molestation and criminal attempt.

“At this point we have inappropriate contact, inappropriate touching, inappropriate statements being made.”
Sisson was arrested Tuesday at Culprit Cheer in Ringgold where he worked as an instructor.

He has been coaching cheerleading for years.

When a press release was sent out to the public seeking information about Sisson, Detective Thompson said they fielded many calls.

“It’s gonna take probably a while. I’m gonna be working on this for awhile because there’s just a lot involved. This man worked in several different places, in several different states.”

Detective Thompson said Sisson posted a $15,000 bond Tuesday night and was released.

Thompson said he was kept separate from other inmates while he was in custody.

A local criminal defense attorney weighs in.

“Everyone is entitled to their fair day in court and your’e just gonna have to let this play out. There’s several high profile media cases we’ve seen in the last few weeks that turned out differently than some people expected and you just have to trust the court system and the jury system and let the jury decide.”

Detective Thompson says parents should monitor their children’s social media and also keep an eye out for behavior changes.

“Be involved with the kids. Talk to them. Especially about body safety, you know what we would call good touches and bad touches.”

The sheriff’s office urges anyone that could help with their investigation to call Detective Thompson at 706 – 935 – 2424.
In Catoosa County, Andy Santoro News 12 Now.

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