James Carpenter pleads guilty to child endangerment from Daycare fire

Investigators say he was drunk when the fire hit Little Lambs daycare during nap time

(Video from our story on Little Lambs fire last February)

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – A Daycare worker pleaded guilty today in court to charges that stemmed from the Little Lambs Daycare fire last year.

The fire hit the Cleveland Daycare during naptime last February.

It was called in by a neighboring business.

Firefighters managed to get all of the children out without injuries.

But the Sheriff was incensed when they found evidence that the man in charge, James Carpenter, may have been drinking on the job.

He was eventually charged with reckless burning and child endangerment… one count for every child in the daycare.

In court on Monday, the reckless burning charge was dropped but he pleaded guilty to the 27 counts of child endangerment.

Carpenter faces sentencing in April.

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