Janet Hinds trial testimony on her estimated blood alcohol content

Prosecution and Defense present different numbers

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – lt’s been quite the day inside the state of Tennessee vs. Janet Hinds trial. One of the key arguments that occupied most of day three was Janet’ Hinds blood alcohol content. There is speculation from both sides, but a definitive answer is still unknown.

In Wednesday’s proceedings we heard more from the state’s witnesses and listened to estimations regarding blood alcohol content and the speed of the crash at the time of impact.

The state called multiple witnesses to the stand including the Hamilton County district attorney’s digital forensics investigator, an EPB employee, and several TBI agents.

TBI agent Burgee, who specializes in DNA was tasked with testing multiple swabs and evidence from the crime scene.

Burgee “the sampling of the possible tissue and the dna profile that was obtained matched exhibit 17a which is Nicholas Galinger. The full windshield that was submitted to the lab and I swabbed the exterior facing portion. For that the DNA obtained was consistent with exhibit 17a Nicholas Galinger.”

Another witness for the defense was TBI Toxicologist Mike Lyttle. Lyttle was asked to make a retrograde analysis of Janet Hinds’ Blood alcohol content based on the number of drinks she consumed, her gender, and an estimate of the alcohol elimination rate as a result of her weight.

Lyttle “Based upon the calculation Widmark and then compensating for the amount of time that took place. I estimated that her alcohol concentration was a .14-.18%”

Tennessee’s legal limit is .08.

The defense refuted stating that the state’s calculation was incorrect because it had not factored in Hinds’ precise weight.

At the time of booking, Hinds weighed in at 168.6 pounds, not the 150 pound standard weight used by the state. The toxicologist stated that the weight change would’ve made a difference- shifting the BAC to approximately .15-.11%.

McGowan “if you would have had the correct body weight then these would have been your numbers. Not the numbers you previously testified to.”

Lyttle ” Correct. I agree that if I had been supplied 168.6 pounds, that is the calculation I would have performed.”

The state then called traffic officer Joe Warren to the stand where he testified about the specifics of the crash.

Warren ” I was surprised at where Nicholas was found. They showed me where he was standing when he was struck and the distance was really unexpected for a service street and being 35 mph. He was thrown approximately 160 ft.”

Poole “Court Proceedings will continue tomorrow morning for Day four of this trial. I’ll continue to keep you updated. In Chattanooga. Joeli Poole. News 12 now.”

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