Jax Abernathy Continued to Shine in His Junior Season For Christian Heritage

Dalton, GA-(WDEF-TV) Junior Jax Abernathy is a key figure on the Christian Heritage basketball team, pulling down points and attracting defensive attention like a magnet. Brian Armstrong takes a closer look at Abernathy’s abilities.

When watching a Christian heritage basketball game, juniorJax Abernathy stands out with his ability to take over a basketball game.

Said head coach Tyler Watkins: Well, I mean, you just canscore in multiple different ways.And then we have a lot of guys around him that can make shots.So you kind of got to pick your poison with him.If you try to double him,then we have shooters around him.So if you try to get up on him, he’s going to go around you.If you back up, he can shoot.He’s just a, he’s a matchup nightmare, you know,for, for high school basketball.

The old joke is that the key of the game is to get buckets,and that’s something Abernathy has no problem doing.He’s been scoring the ball for since his freshman year.

Said Watkins:I mean, he averaged close to 20 his freshman year.His sophomore is more about 25, and this year he’s right at 30.

Said Abernathy: I’ve been able to get the round at the point now where I can score all three levels, like mid range layups and three. So I think that’s helped me a lot.

The way he’s been able to increase his scoring abilities by adding another part of his game each offseason.

Said Watkins:So he’s gotten better every single year.He’s really improved on his mid range game.He really can step up one or two dribbles and knock it down.So that’s made him even harder to guard.

Said Abernathy: Each year I’ve kind of added a different way of scoring.Like this year, I kind of worked on my mid range game and just off the dribble shots and stuff, so I’ve been making that more.

His scoring can outshine the other parts of his game.

Said Abernathy: I think sometimes my scoring kind of overshadows my ability to pass and create for others.So when I get a lot of attention on me whenI’m driving and stuff, it gets others open for open shots.

Said Watkins:And he’s got to continue trusting his teammates and making them better.I think that’s the next step for him to become a real league, really, really great player is to make his teammates better, and he has the ability to do that.

And with one final season left, we shall see what the next thing he adds to his already excellent game.

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