JUUL e-cigarettes settle with states over targeting underage vapers

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – Tennessee will get a cut from a settlement with JUUL Labs.

The e-cigarette manufacturer agreed to pay more than $430 million to 34 states.

The states accused JUUL of making false claims in their marketing to customers.

In addition to the money, they have agreed to limitations on their sales practices in the future.

“JUUL deliberately encouraged kids to vape and now the company is paying for that misconduct,” said new Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti.

JUUL has been (until recently) the leading company in the vaping market.

The states accuse them of marketing to youth even though e-cigarettes are illegal for minors to buy.

They say the company used launch parties, ads with young models, free samples and social media posts all targeting underage vapors.

The states say their packaging did not clearly reveal that their products contain nicotine and minimized how much it actually has.

The claimed that one JUUL pod was the same as smoking a pack of regular cigarettes, which the advocates say is false.

As part of the settlement, JUUL has agreed to refrain from:
• Youth marketing
• Funding education programs
• Depicting persons under age 35 in any marketing
• Use of cartoons
• Paid product placement
• Sale of brand name merchandise
• Sale of flavors not approved by FDA
• Allowing access to websites without age verification on landing page
• Making representations about nicotine not approved by FDA
• Making misleading representations about nicotine content
• Sponsorships/naming rights
• Advertising in outlets unless 85 percent audience is adult
• Advertising on billboards
• Advertising on public transportation
• Advertising on social media (other than testimonials by individuals over the age of 35,
with no health claims)
• Use of paid influencers
• Direct-to-consumer ads unless age-verified, and
• Free samples.

The settlement includes the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

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