Kane Brown given key to city prior to Chattanooga concert

Mayors Tim Kelly and Jim Coppinger declare May 7, 2022, Kane Brown Day

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — On Saturday, May 7, country superstar Kane Brown will play his first-ever stadium show at Chattanooga’s Finley Stadium.

But on the eve of the show, Brown was recognized for his talents and thanked for giving back to his community.

“We know his fans are plentiful in this area and it gives them an opportunity to see him,” said Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger. “So, again, it’s just a small part that we’re playing in showing hospitality.”

State Representative Yusuf Hakeem was also grateful for Brown’s return.

He believes the show will be “monumental” and the “largest concert” the city will have yet seen.

Hakeem also believes Brown’s story is an inspiring one for the region’s children.

“I think it also says to our young people, you know, God has given us all talents and blessings,” Hakeem said. “One of his purposes in life is to share that talent with others.”

Mayors Tim Kelly and Jim Coppinger officially declared May 7, 2022, as Kane Brown Day.

Brown was also awarded a key to the city and, pending approval from the city council, will have a road named after him — Honorary Kane Brown Parkway.

“Chattanooga’s got a long history of producing great musical talent and too many times, we didn’t recognize them until they were already out and moved on in life,” Kelly said. “We’re super proud of Kane Brown and want to give the credit that he’s due now.”

Among all in attendance, no one was seemingly happier to have Kane Brown back home than Brown, himself.

He’s finally ready for his city to be his audience.

“I had my hardest times here in Chattanooga, had my best times here in Chattanooga — it just made me the man I am today,” Brown said. “I wouldn’t change it for the world. Like I said, my friends and my family are from here and all my memories. I wouldn’t trade anything for Chattanooga.”

Brown said since coming back into town, he’s been able to reconnect with plenty of family and friends he hasn’t seen in a while since he’s always traveling.

For them, he said it’s amazing that he can finally bring a show home.

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