Kennedy Ball Brings Exquisite Soccer Skill Set to GPS

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) GPS senior Kennedy Ball has been one of the top soccer players in Chattanooga.
It’s easy to see how her skills earned her a scholarship to Arkansas.

When you’re last name is Ball, you’re destined to be a sports star right?
Said teammate Kayden Wise:”We always make jokes with it whenever we make signs for games and stuff. We will always make that into a joike somehow. It’s just ironic how good she it with every type of sports ball, and her last name is Ball.”
Ball was so good, she started for the Bruisers as an 8th grader.
Said Wise:”She’s unlike any other soccer player I have ever seen. She is insanely fast, but has skills like no other.”
Said head coach Patrick Winecoff:”There’s not a lot of girls like her that have her length and her strength and her speed.”
It’s funny that Ball plays for GPS because she’s a GPS savant on the pitch.
Said Ball:”I love kind of like mapping out on the field where I can go. Where there’s space or an open player.”
Said Wise:”Really what amazes me most is how many people she’s able to dribble through. She goes through them in a different way than I have ever seen anyone else. She is still moving fast, but she has such eloquency while she dribbles.”
Said Ball:”I remember I was like facing backwards towards the defender. Kind of just tapped it between her legs. One of my teammates ran on to it. I just love. I don’t know having fun and being creative out there.”
Reporter:”Do you have eyes in the back of your head?”
Said Ball:”Uh no I do not have eyes back there surprisingly. I don’t.”
Seems opposing coaches are eagerly eyeing Ball’s departure.
Said Winecoff:”I’ve probably had four or five coaches this year like has she graduated or Kenny graduated right? Like no. One more year bud.”

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