Koko the Christmas Miracle

Local community comes together to bring home a lost dog on Christmas morning

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Montlake Community came together this past weekend to create a Christmas miracle.

Neighbors and strangers alike banded together through sharing Facebook posts, phone calls, and constant emailing to try to find Koko, a small white dog who had been missing for almost three days.

The single digit weather acted as a catalyst for this community, prompting neighbors and strangers alike to search for the dog.

Koko was found near Gene and Annerose Porter’s house on Canyon Rim Road, a particularly isolated part of the community.

The couple found the dog when they were calling for their cat, who is also named Coco.

Shivering and in need of food and water, the couple took the dog in and nursed him back to life.

They found his owner through a series of Facebook posts, posted by the community.

Koko’s owner, Heather Lawrence, held a gathering at the Montlake clubhouse to thank her community for coming together to help find her dog.

Many people of the Montlake Community are wondering how a dog like Koko could have survived the freezing temperatures, and that’s why they’re calling this a Christmas miracle.

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