Chattanooga Humane Society helps home 10 meat market dogs

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga’s Humane Educational Society (HES) is assisting with the rescue of roughly 200 dogs from a Korean meat market this week.


(Courtesy: Humane Society)

On Thursday, HES staff will arrive in Chattanooga with 10 of these rescued dogs.


(Courtesy: Humane Society)

After assessing the animals, HES will place them into foster homes around Chattanooga.

HES will provide the dogs with health care and behavioral evaluation as well.

They will have a screening process for those willing to adopt. This way, they will place the dogs in homes that meet their individual needs.

The dogs are arriving in America from South Korea.

Those interested in adopting one of these rescued animals may apply on the Chattanooga HES website.

“HES wants to encourage the public to adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate. HES is a local, independent nonprofit organization and relies on local support to make an impact,” HES said in a press release.

The nonprofit also mentioned that most Koreans do not partake in the dog meat markets. They say it is a habit of the older generations, and does not represent their culture.

They continued, “Koreans are making this change themselves and international organizations are assisting with the effort and hope to create a permanent ban. This is the latest of 18 successful rescue missions by Humane Society International in partnership with local Korean agencies.”


(Courtesy: Humane Society)

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