Kurt Napier Proud to See Older Brother Billy Get Florida Gators Job

Chatsworth, GA-(WDEF-TV) Chatsworth, Georgia, is now Gators country. Murray County native Billy Napier is Florida’s new head football coach. Napier’s youngest brother Kurt lives and coaches in Chatsworth, and he’s digging his brother’s new job.

Kurt Napier says growing up, Billy was your typical older brother.

Said Kurt:”They would pick me up by my ankles and hang me upside down.”

Kurt might feel his world is upside down again. I mean your big brother is the new head coach of the Florida Gators. How cool is that.

Said Kurt:”It’s one of those kind of pinch-me moments a little bit. My girls and I would get used to saying there’s Uncle Billy on TV. It’s always neat. They have even learned to expect if we turn on ESPN, we kind of expect to see him now. So it will be really neat, especially in the SEC.”

Uncle Billy took over a Louisiana program that had never had a 10 win season. Napier has enjoyed 3 straight 10 win seasons for the Rajin Cajuns.

Said Kurt:”One of the special things that Billy has been able to bring to Louisiana and just that program has been the culture. That’s one of those hashtags that’s out there these days. He really has truly brought just a special level of organization to every aspect of the program.”

Billy Napier might have gotten some culture from Nick Saban when he was a Tide assistant.

Said Kurt:”Coach Saban kind of gets a tough rap as being a difficult or somebody that’s challenging to work for, but Billy just appreciated Saban to the point.  eally high expectations for everybody. Assistant coaches. Billy took that challenge and ran with it I guess. Appreciated somebody that would hold everybody to a high standard.”

Kurt says his friends are pulling for Billy, just not all the time.

Said Kurt:”They’re like I’ll be cheering for the Gators and Billy Napier except for that one week of the year when my favorite team plays whether it’s Georgia or Tennessee.”

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