Ladd McConkey’s High School Coach Not Surprised by Ladd’s Success at Georgia

Chatsworth, GA-(WDEF-TV) When Georgia started recruiting North Murray receiver Ladd McConkey, he wasn’t exactly a five star recruit.
As a matter of fact, he had zero stars attached to his name.
Now he’s a Big Dawg in Georgia’s offense, and that really doesn’t surprise his high school head coach.

Ladd McConkey led the Georgia receiving corps in receptions last year as a freshman.
This year, he’s already top ten in the SEC in yards per catch. And yet.
Reporter:”Why do people still underestimate him?”
Said North Murray head coach Preston Poag:”I think it’s because of his size. He’s a lot bigger. I mean is you saw him his freshman year he looked like a seventh grader. They would see him on film and like him. They’d come to school and look at him, and were like oh man, he’s not very big. Well they missed out thought you know.”
They sure did. When McConkey was a senior at North Murray, recruiters were shocked a power house program like Georgia wanted him.
Said Poag:”Lot of the smaller Division one. I’m buddies with some of them. Said there’s no way. You need to talk to him coach. There’s no way he’ll ever play at Georgia. He’s too small. He gets press coverage. How is he going to get off the ball. What I told them was he will to. They won’t touch him. He’s just so fast. I mean I timed him out here 4.3’s. But not just fast, he’s just a jitter bug.”
Seems everyone wants to know what’s up with this small wideout from Chatsworth.
Said Poag:”People have been calling me from the Atlanta Journal. The Athens paper this week about Ladd. It’s not a surprise. Ladd was the biggest leader i’ve had here at North Murray.”
Coach Poag believes McConkey is talented enough to play on Sundays.
Said Poag:”I got a good buddy that works for the Rams. He’s good friends with the GM. The GM told him there’s no doubt. He keeps improving. When Ladd goes to the combine, he will light it up.”

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