Lee Golf Team Celebrates School’s First Ever NCAA National Title

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) The Lee men’s golf team captured the Division two national championship last week in Michigan.
It was the first NCAA national title in Lee University history.
Now head coach John Maupin has a cool conversation piece on his office desk.

Reporter:”Does it feel funny that that trophy is on your desk. Is it still surreal a little bit?”
Said Maupin:”Very surreal. Very surreal. We had kind of had a vision for it and felt like it was something we could do. As a coach you’re just kine of so focused on step-by-step that when it happened it just takes you back honestly. Well I think one of the keys is we had three guys get off to a really good start. Connor (Pollman) who has kind of been our team captain and stuff. He had a great week. He was down two with three holes to play. Picks up a shot on 16. Then on 17 he goes for the par five in two and gets there. Has a pretty good look at eagle. The other guy hit it in the water, so it was a bogey-birdie swing. Then he had to make about a 10-footer on the last hole to win by one. It felt like when that went in that that was going to kind of be the key. To think that that team. Those guys. All of us are NCAA champions is just kind of a dream come true I think for everybody. We got back, and one of the guys said can I just keep this thing with me for the night? I said absolutely. So I think we certainly want them to be able to enjoy it. I’m going to hide it here in my office for as long as a I can until Coach (Larry) Carpenter comes and takes it away.”
Reporter:”When Tom Brady won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, he took that Lombardi Trophy on a boat and threw it to the other boat. Would you ever throw that trophy around with somebody?”
Said Maupin:”To be honest I was cradling this thing like a baby after we were done. I can’t imagine throwing it. I think everybody all wanted our hands on it, and we’re going to take good care of this thing for sure.”


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