LFO Cranks it Up For Basketball Player Introductions

Fort Oglethorpe, GA-(WDEF-TV) You’d be hard pressed to find an area high school with better basketball player introductions than LFO.
Warriors put on a show.
They cut the lights.
Crank the chop.
And away they go, getting their guys pumped up for the game.

Said LFO assistant athletic director Corey Ortwein:”It’s just something that gives it a big time, almost a college atmosphere.”
Said LFO player Tyler Davis:”When the lights go down, and the music starts playing. Everybody is yelling. Laughing. Screaming. It’s just everything. I love it.”
Said head coach Josh Laney:”It’s been something that’s just kind of grown over the years, and now it’s kind of a phenomenon before the game.”
Said Ortwein:”We cut the lights out. As soon as those lights go out, people know that it’s time to go ahead and start the whole process. So we’ve got videos, and now we’ve added some LED lights in the gym that sort of dance with the music. It’s really an event. It’s a spectacle.”
Said LFO player Amari Burnett:”It makes me feel pumped before a game. I have the adrenaline flowing before I even get in the game, so it’s just amazing. It’s almost like I can’t have enough of it.”
Said Ortwein:”It is a production. It’s something we’ve come to expect. It’s also something we really love doing because everybody goes crazy for it.”
Said Laney:”I think it’s something special. I’m really glad everybody that has pitched in to make it kind of what it is and really buy into it. Even the fans. I mean the first time we did the chop, every single phone was out going through the chop.”
Said Ortwein:”But as far as where it’s going to go next, who knows? Who knows? The sky’s the limit for what we can do, so we just want to continue to make it better and better every year.”

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