LFO Guard Jamichael Davis Drawing SEC Attention With Dominating Play

Fort Oglethorpe, GA (WDEF-TV) The LFO’s boys basketball team is undefeated and poised to make a massive region run this season. The Warriors have two star guards leading the charge. However, JaMichael Davis already has SEC eyes on him. News 12’s Angela Moryan tells us about him.

Angie: “How invincible is he on the court?”

Said teammate Brent Bowman: “About the most I’ve seen in a point guard in a long time.”

Jamichael Davis is the whole package. His height, strength, speed, accuracy all combine for a North Georgia anomaly.

Said head coach Josh Laney: “With him being so tall and so fast, he’s really unique for his position. Out of our area in the last few years, I really can’t think of anyone too similar to him.”

Said Bowman: “It’s insane. I mean, I was at Ringgold before this, so I played against him. The match-up was crazy.”

Said Laney: “He has such a high basketball IQ. He’s such a smart player. He sees the floor so well. I mean, he probably sees it better than I do. … He’s very calm. He’s very self centered. You can’t get him rattled generally. His mind is always focused at the task at hand.”

That task? Outscoring the entire other team. Davis came one point shy of the school record 42 points last year. The now-junior has picked up right where he left off, averaging nearly 30 points a game with 12 rebounds.

Said Davis: “Really after like the first two shots determine everything. If I hit the first two shots I think, yeah, we’re in for a good one.”

Said Laney: “I mean, even if his first two don’t go in, I’m generally not too concerned. I’m not telling him to stop shooting by any means. … Honestly, now, it’s gotten to the point that, I hate to say it like this but it’s almost expected. You don’t get shocked at it. He does so well at so many things, it’s kind of like another night.”

Angie: What motivates you?

Said Davis: “Definitely my mom. Her hard word, it starts to pay off, so I want to do the same on the court. … She don’t miss a game. You’ll hear her in the stands.”

Said Laney: “He works so hard. If he continues to improve his game like he is, he’d probably be ready to play in college next year.”

Thankfully, for the Warriors, Davis has another couple high school seasons left before heading to one of many Division I choices.


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