Local Aid for Storm & Tornado Damage in Tennessee

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF): So far, there have been nine confirmed tornadoes just in Tennessee.

Salvation Army is there assisting with tornado relief.

“It helps when people know that others are coming alongside to help them, that they’re not in this alone. That’s one step in helping them,” says Area Commander of Greater Chattanooga Salvation Army Major Mark Smith.

Greater Chattanooga Salvation Army is on standby to assist but will likely be called up to help soon.

If called, they would be assisting with emergency services including feeding meals and finding people shelter.

Major Mark Smith says this will be a long and expensive recovery and monetary donations go a long way.

“You can donate CSArmy.org. Make sure you put a note in there that it’s for disaster. Every donation that goes towards disaster, completely goes towards that.”

You can also drop a check off at Salvation Army’s location.

E-P-B has sent one contractor crew, Davis H Elliott, to Dickson, Tennessee just west of Nashville upon request.

EPB says the crew is reporting about 200 broken power poles as a result of the weather.

Grant Carriker, EPB Manager of Construction and Preventative Maintenance says, “With that many power poles that are broken over a small area, they’re going to have to rebuild a large section of the power grid in that area.”

So far, that is the only request E-P-B has gotten.

While they are able to send more contract crews, EPB says they probably won’t have to.

Locally, EPB says they had about one thousand customers without power due to downed power lines.

They say all power has been restored.

TVA issued a statement today stating more than 160 line workers are currently focused on repairing the damage to TVA’s transmission system in the areas impacted by the weekend storms.

They are currently focused on repairing the nearly 100 TVA transmission towers and poles damaged or destroyed by the storms and restoring the power lines impacted.

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